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Welcome To Dragos

Dragos is a decentralized and fully on-chain NFT project that consists of 6,000 unique & hand-drawn pieces of art that are split into 4 factions. Each Drago will be minted out of hibernation by a lucky collection of individuals. The innovative technology created behind the scenes and in front of your eyes will be something extremely rare at the time of release.

You will be able to raise your Drago(s) as your very own. Unique options to publicly name your Drago, celebrate its blockchain coded birthday, and play games against other factions are just some of the things that are apart of this project.


Our development team is not a team that was thrown together randomly to start a project. It was created over countless years of friendship and bonds that will last far beyond a single lifetime. They have worked on numerous well-known projects, including Neo Tokyo. They are single handedly the best team to create a decentralized NFT project.


Our full website will be launched soon but for now, check out the whitepaper and join us in Discord! Additional whitelist opportunities by using the chatbot below 😉

The Factions

The Factions

Why Choose Dragos?

Fully On Chain

 This means that no central organization, web server outage, delisting, false claim or similar can take you offline. 99% of projects store their metadata on centralized servers.


Give your Drago a name that shows up on platforms like Opensea, Rarible and many more to come. Celebrate your Dragos birthday with a special surprise posted to you on the public birthday.

Built By The Best

Have piece of mind knowing that the very best dev. team has built this project properly and without shortcuts. If you haven’t already heard of them from projects such as Neo Tokyo, you will soon enough.